As growth of lead-free production continues, manufacturers find they can upgradetheir existing soldering equipment for use with lead-free solder.  

Introducing lead-free soldering generally involves process changes as well as equipment modifications, because lead-free alloys have a significantly higher tin content than tin-lead solder, and require higher processing temperatures.  Many products will be converted to lead-free over a gradual phase-in. However, a growing number of users are currently updating their soldering equipment to lead-free, because a lead-free pot will also accommodate common tin-lead alloys.

Lead-free soldering since 2002

Wenesco can convert your solder pot for use with both lead free and leaded solder.  Contact us for a quote

molton lead and lead free soldering supplies
Nitrogen Inerted and Ceralac coated Model M3 wave solder pot, shown with 4x1" wave nozzle, for use with lead free solder.
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Most lead-free alloys cause corrosion to the base metals used for solder pots, impellers and other wetted parts because of the aggressive nature of tin at high temperatures.  The surface of many base metals such as stainless steel or cast iron generally exhibit evidence of corrosion and start to dissolve after prolonged contact with lead-free alloys.  This leaching process releases iron (Fe) particles resulting in increased iron content and contamination of the solder alloy.  Even titanium will be affected when temperatures approach 420C.
The operating temperature of the solder pot will generally increase depending on the lead-free solder alloy.  For tin-silver-copper alloys (SnAgCu) with a melting point of 217C, the solder pot temperature should be 260-270C.  For high melting point alloys such as tin-copper (SnCu), the solder temperature may be as high as 270-280C.  
nitrogen inerted and ceralac coated wave solder pots
Lead-free solder pot,18 x 20 x 3 in deep, shown with remote digital thermostat
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 A discussion of Wenesco CERALAC SM
A protective coating that prevents corrosion of metal in contact 
with lead--free alloys.
Ceralac is a proprietary ceramic compound that will protect melting pot interiors, pumps, and other metal parts from the corrosive action of high-tin alloys used in lead-free soldering.  Ceralac, unlike other compounds, is very tough and resists abrasion, remaining stable at temperatures up to 1800F.  It is virtually inert and will not add unwanted deposits to the tin bath.