Here's a Wenesco system that helps automate soldering procedures by feeding solder wire to your application or solder pot

wenesco auto soldering system

Model M21 is designed to feed a wide range of wire sizes at a controlled speed using hardened drive rolls.  This equipment may be used with a suitable level sensor to make up solder in your solder pot.

solder wire feeder

Model M21 may be remotely placed using 36-in. nylon tubing and customized brass tip to feed the solder to its destination.

wenesco wire bottom

wenesco solder switch

Solder Level Switch may be purchased separately

wenesco wave solder pot Model M14 Wave Solder Pot shown with 10"x3" wave nozzle and a solder level switch that controls an automatic solder feeder. 

This equipment will be used in an automatic machine for soldering connectors