WENESCO STANDARD AND CUSTOM MELTERS are constructed of appropriate and tested materials to assure both longevity of the heated tank and uniform heating of your material. Our heating elements are selected and mounted for maximum efficiency and long life.
The designs of Wenesco's melters vary according to the melting temperatures and chemical characteristics of the materials to be heated. Wax compounds, hot melt, soap, and other thermoplastics in the 80F to 450F range are best heated using convection heating elements.  Soft metal melters require higher watt density elements securely clamped to the tank liner
Melting pots for material with lower melting points such as candle wax, gel wax, soy wax, soap and lubricants are available with pumps and stirrers 80F -- 250F
Heated tanks, standard and custom made, for heating and blending a wide selection of compounds including machineable wax, adhesives, plastisol, and hot melt 80F -- 450F
Electric Melting tanks for lead, tin, babbit, and other soft metals.  Also custom made heated pots with transfer pumps 80F -- 1,050F
High temperature melters for gold, silver, zinc, and most metals with higher melting points 80F -- 2,300F
Molten Salt melting tanks with transfer pumps for most types of eutectic salt. 80F -- 1,110F
Gas-Fired melters for soft metal & non-metallic compounds 80F -- 1,050F
Any Wenesco lead melter, zinc melting pot , babbitt melting pot and pewter melting tank can be furnished in a wide selection of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

All of our melting tanks, including chemical mixing tanks, plastic melters, machineable wax kettlles, molten salt tanks and heated blending pots are available in standard models or custom made with stirrers, pumps, and special controls.

Wenesco gas-fired melting pots are used with natural or propane gas and are fitted with quality temperature and gas flow controls