All pots are Hot Air Convection Heated.
Melt from 1/2 gallon to 500 gallons of material
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Round melters with
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Square and 
rectangular melters
Melters with 
pots (liners)
Injectors to transfer heated compounds.  Heated hose
Stirrer specifications Viscocity chart Custom Melters Processing guidelines 
and information


  • Fully-insulated cabinets provide cool exteriors-energy savings
  • Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning
  • Convection heater elements provide even heating all around
  • Temperature is controlled with a precision digital thermostat
  • Digital display of set point and current temperature in C and F
  • High limit setting prevents overheating
  • Heated stainless steel drain valve with independent temperature control
  • Selection of drain sizes to suit your application
mpu2st.jpg mpu5.jpg
Model MPU5  A 5-gallon melter shown withoptional STR60AA stirrer. This model is widely used for melting plastisols. 
Model MU45  shown with optional STR600A  TEFC Stirrer
mpu2055.jpg    mpu20sketch.jpg
Model MPU20   A 20-gallon melter shown here with optional "wash down" features,  which include a stainless steel seamless skin,  and a Nema 4waterproof enclosure fitted with waterproof switches and connectors.  The optional STR600A stirrer, as shown, features a 3 phase TEFC motor.
This 20-gallon melter includes a stirrer and pump for transferring machineable wax through a heated hose to molds.


MPU2 2 9 8 14 16 120
MPU5 5 11.75 10 24 23 120/240
MPU10 10 16 12 24 23 240,1ph
MPU20 20 19 16 28 28 240,1ph
MPU45 45 24 26 38 42 240,480,1PH,3PH
MPU60 60 24 32 38 42 240,1PH,3PH,480,1PH
MPU90 90 30 36 38 42 240,480,1PH,3PH
MPU120 120 30 40 38 42 240,3PH,480,1PH,3PH


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wenesco round melter wenesco rectangular melter
MPU60X square melter shown with optional stand Model MPU15R3 rectangular melter


MPU15R3 15 21 X 14 12 24 X 16 16 240,1/3ph
MPU45x 45 21 x 21 24 27 x 27 27 240,1/3ph
MPU60x 60 23 x 23 27 29 x 29 35 240,1/3ph
MPU90x 90 28 x 28 27 34 x 34 35 240.1/3ph

                                           480V,1PH-3PH available.  Consult Wenesco 
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 MULTI MELTERS with interchangeable pots
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wenesco multi melter winch.jpg
Wenesco's MU series Multi-Melters can be used to melt separate batches of product using a main melter withinterchangeable pots.  The main melter nests the pot just over a convection heater, which is controlled with a remote digital thermostat. The pot and contents are easily removed from the main melter.   
Our Multi Melters include two stainless steel pots with handles. 
Wenesco's 10-gallon Multi-Melter is combined with a winch to lower a stirrer into the melted compound. The Multi-Melter features quick interchangeable liners, which contain different compounds.

Temperature is controlled with an accurate digital thermostat. The stirrer speed is managed with a variable frequency drive. The thermocouple, measuring the melt temperature, is also raised and lowered into the melted compound.



Model Gal Size in inches Volts Power Max temp
5 pot: 12h x12 dia 

housing: 18h x12-1/2 dia

825 W
1100 W
105 C
221 F
MU10-n 10 pot: 12h x16 dia 
housing: 24h  x 20 dia
 240 2000 W 105 C
221 F

                                                                          INJECTORS AND HEATED HOSE 
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                MODEL INJ102A-120V                                       MODEL INJ102B-240V
Self-contained Injectors are designed to dispense controlled quantities of hot liquids such as wax, plastisol, and other compounds from any melter equipped with a heated drain. All plumbing is stainless steel.
The heart of our injector is a positive displacement pump, which dispenses an exact amount of material in a range of 0 to 4 gallons (15 liters) per minute. Flow is controlled with a variablefrequency drive. Other pumps are available up to 24 GPM
The entire system is contained in an insulated heated chamber which is controlled with an accurate, adjustable, digital thermostat. The temperature range of the system is adjustable from 70F to 450F.  Actual temperature and set point is displayed in Centigrade and Fahrenheit.
An optional heated hose, as shown, will also be controlled with a built in digital thermostat.
As an option, an electronic timer may be wired into the system to accurately control the dispensing cycle.
Heated Hoses, ready for connection to the injector, feature a stainless steel braid wrapped around a Teflon core. Stainless swivel fittings permit fast connect-disconnect from the system.
Heated hoses are available in many sizes; ask Wenesco for quote.

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Stirrers are available with your choice of conventional propellers or side wiping propellers that clean the melter's wall during the heat cycle.. The entire stirrer is easily removed from the melter for cleaning or service.
   Stirrers for larger melters and higher torque are quoted to requirements.  Variable speed control is available for most stirrers.
Model Speed (RPM) Viscocity (cps) Melter Size Motor Power Propeller
STR 60 60 Up to 2000 Up to 5 gal OPEN,FAN COOLED 120 standard
STR 60A 30 Up to 2000 Up to 5 gal OPEN,FAN COOLED 120 Wiper or standard
STR60B 63 Up to 2000 Up to 5 gal OPEN,VENTED 240V-1ph standard
STR60C 13 Up to 2000 Up to 10 gal OPEN,FAN COOLED 120 Wiper 5G standard 10G
STR 60AA 15 Up to 70000 Up to 5 gal TEFC 120/240 1ph      3ph optional Wiper or standard
STR 60BB 30 Up to 35000 Up to 5 gal TEFC 120/240 1ph      3ph optional Wiper or standard
STR 600A 15 Up to 70000 Up to 20gal TEFC 208/240/480 3 ph Wiper or standard
STR 600B 30 Up to 35000 Up to 20gal TEFC 208/240/480 3 ph Wiper or standard
STR 1200A 15 Up to 70000 Up to 45 gal TEFC 208/240/480 3 ph Wiper or standard
STR 1200B 30 Up to 35000 Up to 45 gal TEFC 208/240/480 3 ph Wiper or standard
STR 1800A 15 Up to 70000 Up to 60 gal TEFC 208/240/480 3ph Wiper or standard
STR 1800B 30 Up to 35000 Up to 60 gal TEFC 208/240/480 3ph Wiper or standard
 Stirrers for over 70000 cps quoted,  Speed Control optional if 3-phase power is available. Other operating voltages are available. Air motors with speed control can be specified.
props-sketch.jpg prop-wipe-sketch.jpg.

 All stirrer motors, 120V OR  240V available, air motors are also available
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                  Viscosity Ratings of Various Materials
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VISCOSITY:  A measure of the resistance of a fluid to flow (usually through a specific orifice).CENTIPOISE: Water is the standard at 1 cps. 


(in centipoise)
Water @ 70 F 
Kerosene or wax 
Anti-Freeze or Ethylene Glycol 
Motor Oil SAE10 or Mazola Corn Oil
Motor Oil SAE30 or Maple Syrup
Motor Oil SAE40 or Castor Oil
Motor Oil SAE60 or Glycerin
Karo Corn Syrup or Honey
Blackstrap Molasses
Hershey Chocolate Syrup
Heinz Ketchup or French's Mustard
Tomato Paste or Peanut Butter
Crisco Shortening or Lard
Caulking Compound
Window Putty
 1 to 5
 50 to 100
 150 to 200
 250 to 500
 1,000 to 2,000
 2,000 to 3,000
 5,000 to 10,000
 10,000 to 25,000
 50,000 to 70,000
 150,000 to 250,000
 1,000,000 to 2,000,000
 5,000,000 to 10,000,000

                    All stirrer motors, 120V OR  240V available, air motors are also available

                                  CUSTOM MADE MELTERS
                                          Return to Links MenuSome of the many options available to customize standard melters include:
bullet Washdown housing and watertight control panels of 304 stainless steel
bullet Special adjustable stands and supports
bullet Cooling coils for fast cooling of heated compounds
bullet Extra smart programmable temperature controls
bullet Manifolds with nozzles to dispense multiple streams of heated material
bullet Light tower with process timers to view status from across room
bullet 316 Stainless construction
bullet Gas-fired melters with auto-pilot light for natural or LP gas, with 
digital temperature control


This custom made 250-gallon melter is made with a long sloping funnel leading to a large, heated drain valve. The melter is controlled with a remote digital controller at 400F.  A stirrer maintains  the consistency of a special wax compound during the melt cycle. This melter will be mounted later onto a stand, to allow room for a container under the drain..
UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS?  Wenesco specializes in custom designs according to your specifications.  Ask your sales representative for details.

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Processing Guidelines & Information
When properly compounded, Hot Melt Vinyl Plastisols have sufficient heat stability and flow characteristics to enable the processor to pour or inject the molten compound into a cold or room temperature mold.

At the typical processing temperatures of 330F (166C) to 360F (182C), these compounds exhibit low enough viscosity to allow the plastisol to flow at those elevated temperatures.

When cool, the hot melt plastisol is transformed into a soft rubbery substance.

Vinyl is an excellent thermal insulator. Therefore, it is necessary to continually agitate the compound in the heated vessel. Slow positive agitation, which wipes the surface vessel, will help prevent localized degradation.

It is necessary to keep heat distribution even and below 400F (204C).

The plastisol, as supplied, is a low viscosity liquid. Conversion is accomplished by heating the compound until the polyvinyl chloride resin is solvated by the liquid plasticizers, then further heated to a high enough temperature for proper flow and fusion.

Minimum temperature for fusion is about 330F (166C). Minimum temperatures for molten flow depend upon the compound, its hardness, and the process technique, but could vary from 330F (166C) upward.

Compounds of any color, Including clear, can be utilized. Hardness ranging from 8 Shore A (fish lures) to 30 Shore A (casting molds) can be utilized.

The plasticizers in vinyl are also plasticizers for other plastics and many materials used in paints and lacquers. Prolonged contact, with the vinyl part, can result in plasticizer migration.
Melter temperatures should be set to at least 400F (204C). Some users
prefer temperature settings as high as 450F (232C), but care must be
exercised as temperatures are increased above 400F (204C).

Uniform heating and reasonably accurate temperature control is important.

A setting of 400F (204C) is used to bring the hot melt to 360F (182C) before pouring.

As the hot melt warms in the vessel, it will begin to phase from a liquid to a solid at around 250F.  At this point, it can be visually described as a lump surrounded by liquid. It will remain solid until the temperature reaches approximately 330F (166C) This is normal.

After the plastisol reaches the approximate 330F (166C) temperature, the solid material will begin to phase back into a liquid state.

The hot melt should be stirred during the heating process to assure more uniform heating of the mass. Additionally, the stirring of the mass will help break up the solid phase quicker.

Excessive heat will cause degradation which is evidenced by discoloration, Continued overheating may liberate hydrogen chloride, a corrosive, noxious gas.
Wenesco stainless Melters are suitable for processing paraffin, animal fats, hydrogenated oils, or any situation where solids and liquids are combined and blended at room temperature, with heat subsequently applied to melt the solids. 

Our melters are frequently used for heating and dispensing glue, adhesives, pitch, and tar, Vessels constructed from carbon steel, while cost effective, are porous, and therefore reactive. As a result, with applications where contamination may be an issue, heated stainless steel processing tanks are recommended. 

Other applications include waxes for textiles, leather, packagting, metal molding, casting and cosmetics.

Machineable waxes, pharmaceutical waxes and automotive waxes are also successfully processed.